Nithiya Velmurugan
Accountant, Auroville Bamboo Center
This one year at AIAT gave me lots of tools to develop and to have a big new change in my life.

I joined AIAT in 2005, after having finished 10th grade, and participated in the then existing Corporate Secretary ship course. This one-year at AIAT gave me lots of tools to develop and have a big new change in my life. Especially helpful for me were the English communication courses. Although I went to an English medium school, I was not able to really communicate in English. The whole program helped me mature in different ways and to get an idea what I want to do with my life.

Immediately after this year I got the possibility for a placement at Lively Boutique, where good English communication was a must, because in Auroville one has to handle international customers.

2 years later I married and had my son in 2010. After a break of 6 months I started working again at Lively and step-by-step I was given more and more responsibilities.

Now – after 13 years of work in an Auroville unit – I am responsible for all accounting work, which includes the Bamboo Centre, Mohanam Kindergarden, Mongil Garden Guesthouse and the Village Heritage Centre in Isaiambalam.

For me it was the right decision to open my mind to on-going learning. And I am happy that I also became an Aurovilian 2 years ago.

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